HOTY15 silver

“Designing a world class cinema room is as much an art as it is a science. We allow our work to speak for itself.”


Two-Story Design with sweeping, LED stairways and pressure sensitive steps that shift color.


11 speakers and 4 subwoofers comprise the JBL Synthesis custom Audio system – each row of seating has its own custom equalized surround speakers. The front row pit area only hears the speakers around their head, while the back row only hears the speakers in the surrounding walls. Every seat is the best seat in the house.


Featuring the FIRST residential installation of the Digital Projection Highlite Laser 3D Projector. This high-power, 12,000 Lumen Laser projector is housed in a soundproof, custom cooled box outside the room with its own dedicated HVAC system


Due to space constraints and the unique room design, the film screen hinges upward into the room, while the equipment racks rotate 360 degrees on a custom base. All electronics are organized along the back wall. Corner racks are custom cooled and isolated from the room, and all critical and common components have remote reset capability.

Easy maintenance in an otherwise impossible scenario.



Installation Credits:

Chief System Designer and Programmer: Ilya Kandibur
Lead Senior Technician: Woodrow Tolley
Senior Technician: Bryan Leavitt
Crestron Programming: Ilya Kandibur
DMX Lighting Programming: Jen Goldstein
General Contractor: DeVitis Construction (

Acoustics and Theater Design: Acoustic Innovations (
Professional Video Calibration: David Abrams (
JBL Synthesis Audio Calibration: AV Partners (