Our customer list runs the gamut from famous A-list celebrities to Fortune 500 companies, but is not exclusive to anyone. If we like your project and feel you are a good fit for the services we provide, we look forward to doing business together.

As the Owner and System Designer of Movietime, Ilya Kandibur has over 20 years of experience in the technology and electronics industry. Prior to Movietime, Ilya spent a decade working in Information Technology, including a position as regional Director of Technology for a multi-national Fortune 500 Corporation. He holds a degree from the University of Southern California, along with countless industry certifications.

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Every Movietime technician is a seasoned veteran, with prior experience on large scale projects and commercial installations. With over 40 years of experience between the lead designer and senior techs, your project couldn’t be in better hands.

We pride ourselves in providing customer service and response that is second to none. From our first day in business, Movietime has been a referral-only company, with zero advertising or marketing expense. Our success can be attributed to incredibly talented technicians and consistent word-of-mouth from existing clientele, due to the outstanding service we provide.