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Movietime Lights Up the Night

While most companies are comfortable installing the same cookie cutter technology time and again, Movietime has taken lighting integration to a whole new level. In our latest award winning project, we’ve combined color and moods with an incredible audio experience.

Air Hockey


Our latest award winner is a prime example of our approach to lighting. Not only did we integrate traditional lighting controls in the main areas of the home, but we “took it to 11” when it came to the party spaces. At night, the outdoor pool and patios become a sea of color, syncing to the house music, allowing the lights to dance and strobe to the beat.


The technology to integrate this color shifting was not mature yet, so we created our own. Custom modules and scripts were programmed that allowed the Crestron control system and the DMX lighting to interact. A color wheel with over 16 million shades was used, bringing fun and experimentation to the party. All usable from any iPAD or wall control on the property.


Some excerpts from Electronic House magazine:

“The magic begins at dusk when the professional DMX lighting system is activated by any of the homeowner’s numerous iPads, Crestron control panels, or RTI remotes. With more than 50 zones of lighting, control had to be straightforward and intuitive. The homeowner can control the lighting by individual zone, group zones together, or use preset lighting scenes for the ultimate in easy party setup. Preset scenes like Dark Blue Chill, Warm Chill, Icy, Girly, and Lollipop are anything but static, as colors shift and move for a more dynamic club-like experience.”

ElCampo (22)

“The Dance Patio is one of the grounds most impressive areas, starring a large onyx wall backlit with Elation LED pixel tape… Across the way, even the Gazebo curtains glow with colorful lighting.”


“The Pool and Spa area have hidden LED lighting inside and out. Underwater DMX lights provide a cool glow inside the pool, and the homeowner can pick from 16 million colors from a color wheel on the Crestron iPad app to get the desired look.”

pool 2


“Best yet, all this lighting can bump and strobe to the music, like a high-end nightclub. Music from the house system is fed into an audio analyzer and, with a single press of the Audio Sync button on the iPAD, the homeowner can turn any area, or the entire property, into a musical light show… the onyx glass features on the patio start flowing back and forth like rivers of color, bumping and fading to the rhythm.”

dance patio 2

ElCampo (11)

“It’s all very surreal how this traditional space suddenly becomes a dance club come nightfall… technology emerges to transform this daytime utopia into a world-class event home, rivaling the most elaborate clubs and venues in New York or Las Vegas.”


Installation Credits:

Chief System Designer and Programmer: Ilya Kandibur
Lead Senior Technician: Woodrow Tolley
Senior Technician: Bryan Leavitt

Crestron Programming: Block-O-Matic (http://www.block-o-matic.com) and Ilya Kandibur
DMX Lighting Programming: Jen Goldstein
General Contractor: DeVitis Construction (http://www.devitisconstruction.com)

JBL Synthesis Audio Calibration: AV Partners (www.avpartners.org)