If you’re looking for an out of this world audio installation, Movietime knows how to rock the house like few others. Not only do we specialize in high-end, audiophile systems, but also large, commercial club spaces.

While we prefer to let our work speak for itself, with audio… hearing is believing.

This beautiful Recreation Room and Patio are hiding not one, but TWO JBL Synthesis audio systems, equalized to play together as a single space. A total of 18 speakers fill these rooms, including two 18″ JBL Professional subwoofers, each half the size of a refrigerator. Drawing 5000 watts of power each, they provide monstrous bass for serious dance parties.

dance patio 2


Directly across from this dance patio is a huge pool area with audio chops to match. Four 15″ in-ground subwoofers, carefully hidden beneath custom flower pots, provide the bass. If you look closely, you can see 2 of these flower pots in the photo below. Custom weatherized JBL Pro speakers circle the pool area, hidden inside benches and columns. Between the indoor and outdoor spaces, over 25,000 watts of amplification is needed to power this monster of an audio system.

pool 2


Why sacrifice sound or beauty… when you can have both! The enormous subwoofer is buried underground with only a large pipe protruding upward. Sound escapes from the grills below, as well as through openings in the pot above.

Hidden Subs


For Music Enthusiasts, Movietime specializes in room acoustics and carries numerous audiophile brands. In our showroom (by appt. only), we are one of the only dealers in the country to display the JBL EVEREST loudspeakers, along with Mark Levinson amplifiers, and digital to analog conversion from Lampizator. Even our digital source for music is a silent/fanless PC built in-house for our demo system.  Visit our Showroom page for more details.

Music Room 1